The Heavy Metal Masterclass: Detox without making yourself worse

Dr. Steph

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Exactly How Heavy Metals Cause Damage

There are very real problems with bioaccumulation of heavy metals and this is present in the research. Dr. Steph covers several poisonous metals and the problem with each with a research backed approach. PLUS how lyme, mold, autoimmunity can go hand in hand with HM toxicity.


Getting Testing & Diagnosed

There are better ways to test for heavy metals and there are not so great tests due to the nature of where these metals are stored in the body. Many don't know how to read a heavy metal hair test and many are using testing that can greatly burden their kidneys and worsen symptoms.


A Safer Way to Do Heavy Metal Chelation

Detoxification is necessary for those with toxicity, but it does stress the body and needs to be done gently and safely or worsening of the condition can ensue. Dr. Steph shares why certain protocols and methods may be counterproductive for certain people.


Step-by-Step Heavy Metal Detox

This process should be done in a step wise fashion. It needs to be prepared for, detox pathways opened, systems supported BEFORE any heavy metal detox is started.


Safe Dental Procedures

Some of the most toxic substances known to man are found in many people's mouths and teeth. This piece is critical to address and to do it appropriately using specific protocols to keep the individiual safe.

Dr. Steph

Hi, I'm Dr. Steph

Functional Medicine Education

It's not in your head, you're not crazy. The symptoms that present and continue to compound and worsen are real and you can get better with some focused effort.

I reversed my own scary condition, including heavy metal toxicity, over a decade ago when every conventional doctor I saw back then told me I just "needed to relax" and prescribed me antidepressants.

Healing is possible.



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